AIMAC 2015


June 26th > July 1st

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registration aimac

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Venue : Boyer de Fonscolombe
Mansion, 21 rue Gaston de Saporta
IMPGT, Aix-en-Provence




Welcoming speech | Amphi Zyromski

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Ruth Rentschler, Deakin University, Australia

Nicolas Aubert, IMPGT – AMU, France

Anne Gombault, KEDGE Business School, France


Plenary Session 1 DS | Amphi Zyromski
Key note opening

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Roger Bennett, London Metropolitan University, UK




Plenary Session 2 DS | Amphi Zyromski
Key note speech : Arts and Cultural Management Research in Europe: current trends and practices

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Anne Gombault, KEDGE Business School, France


Lunch with "Provençal" taste and surprise ...


Parallel Session 1 DS : paper presentations, discussion and feedback


14.00-16.00 | Room Platon
Co-chairs : Pierre-Jean Benghozi & Joyce Liddle


Measuring the Performance of Public Art Museums

Marek Prokupek


A multi-case comparative study approach: Saint-Emilion, Chianti, Côtes de Provence

Pasquale Sasso


Public banking for the cultural sector: new financial instruments and the emergence of the financial intermediaries.

Rosa Perez Monclus


Impacts of cultural experience into customers repurchase intention in performing arts service markets

Seonjeong Ryu


14.00-16.20 | Room Cervantès
Co-chairs : Ruth Rentschler & Severino Salvemini


Customer satisfaction in performing arts: A conceptual model for research

Claudia Maria Cacovean


The implication of audience motivation research for Chinese theatre in the West

Fan Wu


Expériences, expositions et publics exceptionnels: Quel est l'apport du marketing?

Lianne Pelletier


14.00-16.20 | Room Maïmonide
Co-chairs : Gretchen Larsen & Abraham Ravid


A critical auto|ethnographic study of socio-cultural influences on preservation education of world heritage sites in Brazil

Karla Penna


Networks in festival production – structures, interests and management

Mervi Luonila


Identities and meaning in the profession of cultural management. A study case in the National Autonomous University of México

Gabriela Priscila Zermeño Barron


Ecosystème entrepreneurial dans le domaine des arts et de la culture Quelles approches pour stimuler l'entrepreneuriat culturel

Géraldine Dallaire




Plenary Session 3 DS : Meet the Editors

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Roger Bennett, London Metropolitan University, U.K.

François Colbert, HEC Montréal, Canada

Gretchen Larsen, Durham University, UK


Plenary Session 4 DS : Navigating the stresses

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Ruth Rentschler, Deakin University, Australia

Joyce Liddle, IMGT - AMU, France


Cultural Event in Aix-en-Provence with Music & Multimedia Art, Second Nature Association