AIMAC 2015


June 26th > July 1st

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Venue : Boyer de Fonscolombe
Mansion, 21 rue Gaston de Saporta
IMPGT, Aix-en-Provence

 08:45 - 11:00

Parallel session 3

Track 1 – Consumer Behavior

Track 2 - Strategic Marketing

Track 3 – Strategic Management

Track 4 – Organizational Behavior and Human Resource

Track 5 – Cultural policies

Track 6 – Creative Industries

9.00-11.00 | Room Maïmonide


Embracing the Language of Economics / A Call for Creative Disruptors

Wendy Norris, Salvador Acevedo


The Evolution of ‘Creative Economy’ Research

Luciana Lazzeretti, Francesco Capone, Niccolò Innocenti


Developing a Framework for Business Model Generation for the Arts

WoongJo Chang, Javier J. Hernández-Acosta


Measuring the economic relevance of the cultural and creative sector: An application to Belgium

Elisabetta Lazzaro, Jean-Gilles Lowies

Track 7 – Finance Control

9.00-11.00 | Room Dante


Assessing Organizational Financial Health of Nonprofit Arts Organizations:

The Case of the Symphony Orchestra Sector

Theresa A. Kirchner, Edward P. Markowski, John B. Ford


Income standards in the the Netherlands and Flanders: A close-up of an indicator of the financial performance of non-profit organizations in the arts

Ellen Loots


Beyond impact. Social media analytics in festival studies

Lorenzo Mizzau, Fabrizio Montanari, Massimiliano Nuccio


Does gender diversity on the board of directors affect to the performance and risk of cultural enterprises?

Juan Francisco Martin-Ugedo, Antonio Minguez-Vera, Luis Palma-Martos


Break with contemporary dance performance - coffee break

 11:30 - 13:00

Plenary Session 2 – Round table 2 | Amphi Zyromski
Territorial Anchoring of Cultural and Creative Activities

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Keynote speaker:
Severino Salvemini, Universita' Bocconi, Milan, Italy

Edina Soldo, IMPGT - AMU, France
Florine Livat-Pécheux, KEDGE Business School, France

Guest Speakers :
François Vienne, Assistant Manager, Aix Festival
Macha Makeïeff, artistic director for théâtre La Criée
Gilles Bouckaert, artistic director for théâtre des Salins, artistic project « Train Bleu »
Raphaël Sage, artistic director for Seconde Nature, stakeholder in emerging digital clusters
Neil Peterson, director Liverpool 2008

In a context of territorial competition increasingly strong, the development of cultural activities now seems to have become a key determinant of the territorial attractiveness. Recent works in the field of sustainable development have largely stressed the importance of sustainability and the multi-dimensionality of development strategies chosen by territories. Encouraging dynamic attractiveness on a territory therefore implies to consider all territorial contingencies and specificities, whether geographical, socio-economic, political, historical or cultural. There are thus many examples of major cities but also of territories on a smaller scale, such as certain rural areas, small towns or peripheral municipalities, at the origin of interesting experiences combining cultural development, economic development and environmental enhancement.
This round table is dealing with culture and its ability to structure contemporary societies. Questioning the notion of territorial anchoring, leaders of the main local cultural and creative organizations shed light, through their experiences, on economic, institutional, sectorial and social aspects of cultural activities.


Lunch at Hôtel Boyer de Fonscolombe

 14:30 - 16:00

Parallel session 4

Track 1 – Consumer Behavior

Track 2 - Strategic Marketing

14.30-16.00 | Room Hegel


Les collectionneurs d’art contemporain : des collectionneurs pas comme les autres?

Nathalie Moureau, Dominique Sagot-Duvauroux, Marion Vidal


Civic engagement or philanthropic support: exploring the determinants and role of Friends of Museums organizations in Italy

Enrico Bertacchini, Vittorio Falletti


Looking good and looking smart

Olivier Gergaud, Victor Ginsburgh, Florine Livat

Track 3 – Strategic Management

Track 4 – Organizational Behavior and Human Resource

Track 5 – Cultural policies

Track 6 – Creative Industries

Track 7 – Entrepreneurship

14.30-16.00 | Room Dante


Model of Strategic Entrepreneurship: new concept for Cultural Management

Maria Inês Pinho


Authenticité des artistes-entrepreneurs : de la révélation à la construction de soi-même

Silvia Ranfagni, Joëlle Lagier, François H. Courvoisier


Vers un leadership territorial

Charlène Arnaud, Edina Soldo

Track 7 – Finance Control

14.30-16.00 | Room Simon


Measuring Cultural Quality: A Big Data Approach

Abigail Gilmore, Franziska Florack, Kostas Arvanitis


Synthetic index for the evaluation of infrastructure for cultural enjoyment in the city of Rio de Janeiro

Daniele Cristina Dantas, Julia Celia Mercedes Strauch


Quality and demand for theatre performances

Trine Bille, Johan Bernhard, Christie Berle, Dorte Skot-Hansen



 16:30 - 18:00

Parallel session 5

Track 1 – Consumer Behavior

16.30-18.00 | Amphi Zyromski


Brazilian cultural consumer behaviour

Gisele Jordão


Conducting qualitative research to analyse people's perception of music services

Manuel Cuadrado, María José Miquel, Juan D. Montoro


Understanding the profiles of omnivorous music consumers: cultural voracity vs. taste eclecticism

Giulia Cancellieri, Alex Turrini

Track 2 - Strategic Marketing

Track 3 – Strategic Management

Track 4 – Organizational Behavior and Human Resource

Track 5 – Cultural policies

Track 6 – Creative Industries

Track 7 – Finance Control

 18:30 - 20:00

Presentation of Aix-en-Provence by the tourism center - Guided tours upon reservation

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Track 1 - Discovering Aix-en-Provence Heritage

Track 2 - Discovering the new cultural forum