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Pernod Ricard is a French company that produces distilled beverages. The company's eponymous products, Pernod Anise and Ricard Pastis, are both anise-flavoured liqueurs and are often referred to simply as Pernod or Ricard. The company also produces several other types of pastis. Pernod Ricard owns the distilled beverage division of the former corporation Seagram, along with many other holdings. In 2005, the company acquired a British-based competitor, Allied Domecq plc. In 2008, Pernod Ricard announced its acquisition of Swedish-based V&S Group, which produces Absolut Vodka. The traditional method for drinking the French spirit is simple and delicious. Add the Ricard Pastis (and grenadine, if desired) to a highball glass and pour in the water. Fill with ice and stir.


In 1967, when they were obliged to leave the Belgian Congo and after an apprenticeship with a Belgian master chocolate-maker, Marie-Anne and Jean-Guy Roelandts, the founders, decided to settle in Provence. They set up their first workshop in a former factory close by the village of Puyricard. They became very attached to the village and indeed took its name for their business. While the Roelandts and their chocolates influenced the Provencal people, Provence influenced them in turn with its gastronomic heritage. The Roelandts discovered “calissons” and quickly learned the art of preparing this delicious regional confectionary. The Puyricard chocolate factory has a range of over 80 different chocolates and confectionaries all made by hand, respecting tradition and artisanal skill and know-how. The ingredients are selected with the greatest care.

The Puyricard business has never given in to industrial technology; freezing and the addition of preservatives are forbidden. The results justify the effort put into making these delicacies: exceptional products with an authentic taste.


Wine, Spirits & Food


Château Canadel is part of the appellation Bandol. The estate, which covers 15 hectares, is enchanting with the imposing Gros Cerveau mountain on the other side of the valley. In 2009, Jacques and Caroline de Chateauvieux hand the running of the estate over to their daughter Laure Benoist, agricultural engineer, and her husband Vianney, agronomist and oenologist. Over a period of 5 years, they work on the estate and build a wine cellar so that a new Bandol estate is born. In 2014, the first bottle of Château Canadel is produced but the history of Canadel and its vineyards goes back to the Romans. The grapes are grown on terraces and cultivated in the traditional fashion, without using chemicals or intensive production techniques. Each vine is pruned, disbudded, pinched and harvested manually. Château Canadel produces red, white and rosé Bandol wine.


Château Vignelaure "the vineyard of the sacred spring" is the jewel in the crown of the appellation Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence. Set high in the hills, its vineyards cover more than 60 hectares and it has established a reputation as one of the finest producers in the South of France. The wines is a perfect example of Provencal winemaking at the highest level and are made of grapes which includes some of the oldest Cabernet Sauvignon vines planted in the 1960's from cuttings from Château La Lagune. Vignelaure has a long tradition of producing highly rewarded wines, which are classical, elegant and pure, while at the same time pushing boundaries and concepts of what is possible to achieve. Robert Parker, the renowned American wine-critic describes Vignelaure as: "one of the showpiece properties not only of Provence, but of France".


Located next to Sainte Victoire, the mountain that was so beautifully painted by Cézanne, on the terroir of the ancient commune of Trets, where, in 102 BC, the Roman General Marius stopped the invasion of the Cimbri and the Teutons, Château Coussins' vineyard is considered to be one of the first to have been planted in France. In 1903, Jean-Baptiste Gautier, an ancestor of the Sumeires, purchased the country house of Coussin. Since, the story of the vineyard has been linked to the famous wine-grower family that owns three châteaux in Provence. To preserve the environment and the terroir in the long term, the Sumeire family's vineyards and chateaus have chosen the transition from a minimum pesticide approach to genuinely sustainable agriculture, which goes beyond a minimum pesticide approach. Château Coussin produces white, red and rosé wines. Most of them have been awarded nationally and internationally.


Souviou is located in provence, in the village of Le Beausset. It extends over 175 acres of vineyars, olive and groves and luscious forest overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It is a magical place with over 1000 years of history and a true haven to more than 6000 olive trees which rise majestically an terraces as testimony of their millennium existence. All harvest is done by hand and observe sustainable agriculture for the olive trees. Our oils are deservingly honored with numerous awards. Our wines are made under the prestigious appelations Bandol and Côtes de Provence.